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The first meeting of the Coordinating Council on Transit Cargo held


The first meeting of the Coordinating Council on Transit Cargo of the Republic of Azerbaijan was held at Baku Business Centre on November 13.

Minister of Economy and Industry, chairman of the Coordinating Council on Transit Cargo of the Republic of Azerbaijan Shahin Mustafayev highlighted that economic diversification and development of non-oil sector was a priority of social and economic policy of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Currently, about 70% of the economy falls into the share of the non-oil sector. The development of the non-oil sector is one of the main directions in the Development Concept "Azerbaijan – 2020: Look into the Future" and the work done in accordance with the concept will further enhance the role of the non-oil sector in the economy till 2020.
The transport sector, in particular, transit cargo is of great importance in this area. A number of major projects are realized in order to increase the transit potential of our country, and large-scale public investments are directed towards this area. The launch of Baku International Sea Trade Port, Baku Shipyard Plant, and the reconstruction of the Baku-Boyuk Kesik and Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway construction projects, as well as construction of international airports play an important role in strengthening the transport infrastructure of Azerbaijan, as well as in expanding the country's transit potential. North-South international transport corridor is of great political and economic significance, and will increase the volume of freight and passenger traffic many times.
The Coordinating Council on Transit Cargo was established with the decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated October 21, 2015 for more extensive and effective use of the transit potential of Azerbaijan. The main objectives of the Coordinating Council are implementation of single, flexible and transparent tariff policy in transportation of transit cargo, simplification of border crossing and procedures, as well as ensuring coordination among state organizations operating in this field.
The current situation and issues of improving the efficiency of transit transportation was discussed at the meeting.
It was decided to prepare proposals on optimization of tariffs of other services rendered in freight transport by rail and sea, the operation of the port facilities for transit cargo, handling by marine terminals, tariffs for transportation-expedition services, as well as reducing the duration of the transit cargo, transparency and flexibility of procedures and transportation regulations. Furthermore, the decisions were adopted on taking necessary measures for the purpose of registration of contracts signed on transit cargo transportation, submission of relevant information for the creation of an electronic portal on transit cargo transportation, simplification of procedures in signing transit cargo transportation contracts at the meeting.
It was recommended that the participants of transit cargo, individuals and legal entities using transportation enterprises, carriers, as well as transportation services can apply to the Coordinating Council on Transit Cargo on issues that they are interested in and the problems faced by them (Address: Khojali Avenue, 37 "Demirchi Tower", 20th floor), telephone: 488-80-38; fax: 488-80-48; e-mail: office@transit.az). 

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